‘Windana allowed me, helped me to be able to help myself, for this and all their gifts I am extremely grateful’

Windana currently supports more than 2000 people each year, showing them a new ‘way’. Please support Windana so we can support our clients and the wider community.

Giving is a very personal thing. There are so many ways to give – a one-off sum, monthly donations or others prefer to talk to us about a tailored donation from themselves or a private foundation.

Past donors have worked with us to create a fitting dedication to a lost family member; others want to generously support Windana so that others can recover as they have. Funds can be directed to existing programs, new initiatives, new infrastructure or you might have something very specific in mind.

Your donation will assist us to show more Windana clients a way forward and to fund our holistic approaches that require myriad specialists and interventions. Windana is a Deductable Gift Recipient (DGR). Donate now through Give Now.