Windana COVID-19 Announcement

Windana remains committed to providing the best, and safest care and support for our clients. We continuously review our approach to service delivery in-light of the latest COVID-19 advice from the Victorian Government.

The latest updates are below:


Maryknoll Therapeutic Community (MTC) and Grampians Therapeutic Community (GTC)

Windana have recommenced taking referrals for residential rehabilitation.

MTC and GTC continue to operate at reduced capacity to allow for social distancing. Windana follows DHHS COVID screening procedures.

All staff coming onsite to the TC’s are required to complete COVID screening including a temperature check and wear a mask.

Residents do not wear masks other than certain job functions, such as working in the kitchen and serving food.


Withdrawal and Community Services

Windana Withdrawal Services

The Adult residential withdrawal program is admitting to an occupancy of 7 clients in the unit,  and our Youth Unit is admitting to an occupancy of 3 to comply with social distancing requirements.

There are no restrictions on geographical locations that clients are coming from, letters to validate purpose of travel can be provided on request. All staff are required to complete COVID screening including a temperature check and wear a surgical mask in accordance with the DHHS guidelines.

Clients are screened for temperature and COVID (cold and flu type) symptoms prior to admission. Client  admission is delayed if any symptoms are present, and where indicated, COVID-19 testing is recommended.

There are no visitors to the withdrawal units and limited external providers or staff movement between sites as per the Windana Residential Withdrawal COVID Safe plans.


Non-Residential Withdrawal Services

The Non-Residential Withdrawal Services have moved to a non-face to face model of service delivery. We are delivering client services via phone or digitally. The Non-residential withdrawal nurses are available for secondary consultations to the broader community health and welfare sector. Click here for contact details

The Windana Harm Reduction Practitioner will provide information, education and support per phone or online.


Windana Community Services

Counselling services have resumed face-to-face service delivery to clients on site with strict compliance with the social distancing and Infection control protocols at the Windana Alma Road site. The services are operating using a hybrid model combining face to face and remote (digital platform) access. Clients may choose from face to face or remote access to services.
The Counselling team is providing Comprehensive AOD assessments and counselling services to community-based clients.

The Bayside CRC program, Windana AOD Community Support and the Family Program have resumed in person appointments on site, in addition to outreach appointments maximising engagement and support for vulnerable clients in the community.

Windana Health and Healing Community Clinic is now open to community-based clients for massage, acupuncture and Osteo appointments.

All onsite services are delivered in accordance with the directions from the Chief Health Officer, with screening, handwashing and social distancing fundamental to direct service provision.
Peer Support groups are being delivered via Zoom. Plans are in progress around resuming the group activities aligned with social distancing requirements

SECADA has realigned all counselling and assessment and group sessions to telephone and online services.