Counselling Service

What is Counselling?

  • Counselling is an opportunity to meet with
    a professionally trained person who can
    listen to your concerns and assist you to
    identify solutions or better manage issues
    that are causing difficulties in your life
  • As part of counselling, we aim to support
    you to make choices about the problems
    you are facing based on your own values
    and preferred ways of living and relating
    to others
  • This means that the counsellor will be
    interested to know how you see your
    problems, what you have already
    considered and tried and will plan an
    approach with you that will be guided by
    your needs
  • Throughout counselling, the counsellor
    will regularly check with you to see if the
    treatment is meeting your needs and
    moving you towards your identified goals

How can we help?

  • Help accessing withdrawal and residential
    treatment services
  • Safe alcohol and other drug use
  • Support with opiate substitution utilising
    medical and/or natural therapy treatments
  • Single session, brief intervention,
    case management and short to
    medium term counselling for individuals,
    couples, families and concerned significant
  • A range of groups including: peer support,
    psycho-education, personal skills training
    and relapse prevention
  • Information, liaison, advocacy and referral
    to other services such as housing, family,
    mental health, legal, relationship and
    employment support
  • Windana Health & Healing provides
    affordable natural therapies such as
    naturopathy (nutrition and herbal medicine),
    massage, acupuncture and reiki

Who can use the service?

  • People 16 years of age or over
  • People concerned about their own or
    anothers problematic alcohol and/or
    other drug use
  • People who have been instructed to
    attend alcohol and drug counselling
    by the court

When can you start?

Individuals and services can make direct referrals
to Windana Counselling if a comprehensive assessment
has been completed within the last six weeks

Once we receive a referral, the Windana
Admissions & Care Coordination Team will:

  • Review the information
  • Contact you to offer an appointment with
    a counsellor
  • If consent is given, any existing assessment
    and treatment information may be provide
    to the counsellor so that you will not have
    to retell your story
  • Counselling sessions are free of charge and
    held at 88 Alma Roadm St Kilda
    (entrance to reception is on Chapel St.)

Service & Referral information