Volunteer Therapeutic Community (TC) Naturopath Assistant

We have multiple positions available for a Therapeutic Community (TC) Naturopath Assistant Volunteer to volunteer either Tuesday or Wednesday for 4 hours at our Therapeutic Community sites based in Ballarat, Maryknoll and Barwon.

The Program:

Community Services 

Community Services is a program of services including; Family Services, Art Therapy, Windana Health and Healing, Counselling, Care and Recovery Coordination, Harm Reduction, Moe Day Therapeutic Program and Peer Support Group.

Windana Health & Healing (WHH) 

Windana Health and Healing (WHH) and our Community Clinic forms a team of the Community Services Program. Our practitioners offer a range of natural and complementary healthcare services to both Windana clients and the general public.  Clients may access a range of therapies, including naturopathy as part of their withdrawal program.  Once back in the community, clients may continue to access free or low-cost therapies.

The Windana complementary therapies team offers naturopathy in all residential programs and as an outpatient service, student acupuncture clinic, student osteopathy clinic, yoga, and remedial massage.  Nutritional supplements, herbal remedies and natural hair and skin products are available from our not-for-profit dispensary shop in St Kilda.

The Role:

The WHH Naturopathic Assistant Volunteer is engaged to provide support to the Senior Naturopath based at the Therapeutic Community.

How to apply:

Please email your cover letter and CV to , a copy of the position description can be found here

For enquiries please contact Erika Wiseman