Anyone who uses alcohol or other drugs can develop dependence. People end up in difficulty for a wide range of reasons. Sometimes a background of abuse or disadvantage has taken its toll. Stress associated with a major traumatic event can precipitate a cycle of dependence.

But it is also true that many people with alcohol and other drug issues come from backgrounds of advantage, with supportive loving families and plenty of opportunity. There may be no history of drug or alcohol dependence in their family.

Just as there is no one reason for alcohol or drug dependence, there is no one cure.

Dependence is not caused by moral failing or lack of will power. Nor is it a simple thing to overcome. But it can be overcome and even seemingly hopeless situations can be completely turned around. Often, by the time people seek help with their alcohol or drug problem, they have many other issues to face. Alcohol and other drugs can seem to be a solution to problems but the sad fact is they have caused many more problems than they ever solved.

These people come from many different circumstances. Some have managed their substance dependence while continuing to hold down a job, raise children and be active members of their community. Others have lost their home, family, friends, dignity and finally, hope.

The one thing they have in common is that alcohol and other drugs are causing problems in their lives. Some want to stop completely. Others want to cut down and explore other issues. Windana will walk with them whatever path they choose, illuminating choices and encouraging change and growth.

The following snapshots offer a view of what life has been like and what changed for people who have been through Windana services.


 “To the Windana family, I want to thank you for saving me, being there for me and giving me a chance to find myself again. You’re all such beautiful people and helped me through my journey to defeat the devil I let inside for many years. There was one thing I... Read more


“I was introduced to the Windana Family Program in early 2011, after completing a seven day detox at Windana for long term (marijuana/cannabis) use. I was in early stages of pregnancy with twins and had separated from my fiance, which resulted in me experiencing homelessness. Alone and without direction, the... Read more


Jeff is new to our service. He has been ‘running amok’ since primary school and now finds himself in trouble. He has a court appearance in 2 months and being held on remand “scared the shit out of me”. Supporting Jeff in the community are workers from youth specific services... Read more


“Today is my moving day…my own room close to the kids! Windana, combined with my Counsellor helped me to clean up my life, put respect back into my relationships and most of all breathe new life into a sad, dark past providing a spark of hope that I so desperately needed... Read more


“Hi, my name is Stacey and I’d like to give you a quick intro to my life and how Windana has helped me along my new journey. My mum had me at a young age, I lived with her and her drug use until I was 10, then my nan... Read more


Meg is a 31 year old woman with a history of amphetamine, benzodiazepine and quetiapine dependence. She sought treatment at Windana having lost her housing and access to her child as a result of her drug use. Meg had survived family violence, perpetrated by the father of her child and... Read more


Con started using drugs when he was 13 years old. His drug of choice was Methamphetamine (Ice) and he generally combined its use with Xanax and marijuana. Con’s mother constantly tried to get him to see counsellors and psychologists as the effects of a drug-addicted lifestyle were taking a toll... Read more