Program Overview

The Windana Therapeutic Community is a 77 bed residential facility located on a 40 acre property in Maryknoll, Victoria.

The program is delivered through four different phases over a period of 6-12 months. Residents of all phases live together in shared accommodation across five separate houses to support each other through the program.

The community as method approach utilised at Windana provides therapeutic and educational impact to residents who participate in self-help and mutual-help activities.

At Maryknoll we have introduced an Orientation Phase into the program which allows new residents to prepare, stabilise, educate and allow for further assessment before entering the main part of the TC.  We are preparing to build a 12-bed Welcome House which will incorporate the Orientation Phase, construction of the Welcome House is planned for completion by mid-2020.

Residents may not have visitors or receive phone calls within the first two weeks of program participation. This allows the resident to settle into the program with as few distractions as possible. Exceptions can be made for contact with resident’s children.

Residents must only bring what they can easily carry by themselves. A two-bag limit applies and a list of what to bring will be provided at assessment.

Personal shopping will be available once a week.

Residents are eligible to apply for off property leave. This leave progresses from day leave to overnight / weekend leave based on your program phase.

Program Activities

This program includes:

  • medical and nursing management
  • case management & support services
  • complementary therapies including:
    • naturopath
    • yoga
    • mindfulness groups
  • exercise and recreation
  • individual counselling and group work including:
    • art therapy
    • nutrition
    • relapse prevention
    • harm minimisation
    • stress management
  • slow-stream pharmacotherapy reduction from suboxone & methadone is available.

Smoking is currently allowed in restricted outside areas during designated times.

Program Eligibility

To be eligible for this program you must be:

  • 18 years of age or over
  • alcohol and drug free prior to admission
  • willing and able to participate in all TC group and work activities.

Clients are required to bring current medications and scripts on the day of admission.

Access to external appointments during the rehabilitation process are limited and are assessed on an individual basis.

Admission Process

  • Upon receipt of a referral the information will be reviewed by the Windana Admissions & Care Coordination Team.
  • A pre-admission appointment will be facilitated for the person at the First Step clinic to undertake an interdisciplinary assessment with an addiction medicine practitioner and the Windana nurse.
  • For direct admissions, we will endeavour to facilitate a medical assessment with the addiction medicine practitioner available at the Therapeutic Community.
  • A payment of $115 on admission is payable for the first 6 days, an ongoing payment of 78% of Centrelink benefit is required. If paying privately, the cost can be negotiated at assessment.
  • We provide a holistic treatment program that addresses the biological, psychological and social factors that lead to substance dependence.
  • Treatment is individually tailored to address resident’s needs.
  • Our approach embraces a combination of evidence-based treatments including occupational, family, mindfulness, experiential and Cognitive-Behavioural therapies.