A painting of a cosy house with smoke coming out of a chimney, Quote alongside reads: “ometimes people need stability to help realise their dreams, desires and find their purpose in life..“ Text below reads: " look into Windana’s Transitional Housing program, and how it supports recovery."

Transitional Housing and Recovery

Windana’s Transitional Housing program provides a secure place to live for people recovering from AOD dependence – whether they’ve been through a Therapeutic Community or not. Its requirements also help residents focus on their recovery goals. We spoke with Nicole, Windana’s...

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Erika in the dispensary holding supplement packs. Quote alongside reads: “By making small changes, everyone can improve their health.“ Text below reads: "Part 1 of a story with Erika, our Health & Healing Acting Coordinator around naturopathy and its importance at Windana."

Naturopathy at Windana, Part 1

Naturopathy is an important natural therapy used across Windana. For National Herbal Medicine Week, we caught up with Erika – Windana’s Health & Healing program Acting Coordinator and Senior Naturopath – to explore naturopathy and how it helps clients. “Naturopathy is like art...

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A football field with goalposts on the right and an orange Reclink banner on the fence. Quote to the right reads: “Sharing and helping others to shine is part of the culture.” Text below reads: "A story with Windana’s Recreation & Community Development Officer around the Reclink AFL program at Maryknoll."

Partnership on and off the field

When Windana’s Maryknoll TC residents jog onto the football field, they bring out each other’s best. Away from the game, it’s a similar story for the organisations that make Reclink’s South East League AFL program happen. Richard Price knows the value of being on a team. As...

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A photo of a fresh cauliflower. Text alongside reads: "Fruit, vegetables, herbs and succulents - the garden at Maryknoll is ready for a bumper crop this Spring!"

Getting ready for Spring at MTC

There’s been a stirring in the garden at Maryknoll. Community Gardener Jane fills us in on the work residents have been doing over winter, and what will be blossoming over the coming season. How has the garden fared over our harsh Maryknoll winter? The winter months provide an...

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International Overdose Awareness Day 2021

Today is International Overdose Awareness Day. It’s an important day here at Windana, and for anyone who has lost people they love to overdose. It’s a chance to take a moment and remember loved ones who have died or suffered permanent injury from a drug overdose. Stories from GTC...

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A picture of Nyxoid packaging. Text alongside: ""We're able to educate the person without stigma or discrimination attached. That in itself is an overdose-preventing strategy." Story #4 in a series around International Overdose Awareness Day.

Harm Reduction at Windana

International Overdose Awareness Day (31 August) It’s important to understand the distinction between ‘Harm Minimisation’ and ‘Harm Reduction’ in relation to drug use. ‘Harm Minimisation’ is an umbrella term covering three pillars – Demand Reduction, Supply Reduction...

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Picture of a pink flower. Text alongside: ""Trying to listen first and understand the other side of the story is the most important approach in understanding overdose.” Story #3 in a series around International Overdose Awareness Day, 2021."

Becoming overdose aware

International Overdose Awareness Day (31 August) One of IOAD’s social media hashtags is #OverdoseAware. When asked what people can do to become more ‘overdose aware’ in their lives, Harm Reduction Practitioner Gyu encourages people to challenge pre-conceived ideas about what...

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Naloxone and changes in the system

International Overdose Awareness Day (31 August) Naloxone has been a game-changer for preventing opioid overdose. Gyu, Harm Reduction Practitioner at Windana, says there have been many large-scale studies on Naloxone’s effectiveness as an overdose response, and it can be accessed by...

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Quote in image: "“Accidental overdose can be prevented by education and by being more open about the use of substances, and that’s why stigma is such an important thing to combat.” Story #1 in a series around International Overdose Awareness Day, 2021."

International Overdose Awareness Day: Time to remember. Time to act.

International Overdose Awareness Day (31 August) From 5pm on Tuesday 31 August, Melbourne landmarks – including Fed Square, Flinders Street Station and the Bolte Bridge – will be bathed in a purple glow for International Overdose Awareness Day 2021. This is all part of the...

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Text in image: "Windana News". Underneath, text reads: "Andrea McLeod announced as new Windana CEO." To the left is a photo of Andrea.

CEO update

Jenny Gillam, Windana Board Chair, today announced that Andrea McLeod has been appointed as the new CEO of Windana. Andrea replaces Anne-Maree Kaser who left Windana in July to take up a position at Gippsland Lakes Complete Health. “Andrea brings more than 25 years executive leadership...

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