Meet Our Board

Windana’s work is overseen by a committed Board whose members provide strong governance and strategic guidance to Windana. Board meetings are held bi-monthly with an annual general meeting scheduled in November of each year.

Jenny Gillam

Board Chair

Title: Director and Board Chair Qualifications: Diploma of...

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Dione O’Donnell

Deputy Chair

Title: Director and Company Secretary...

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Cameron Bird

Board Member

Title: Director Qualifications: Bachelor of Commerce,...

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Tony Parsons

Board Member

Title: Director and Public Officer Qualifications: Bachelor...

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Jen Riley

Board Member

Title: Director Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts,...

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Marita Scott

Board Member

Title: Director Qualifications: Registered Nurse Division...

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Stelvio Vido

Board Member

Title: Director Qualifications: BCom, LLB, University of...

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Executive Team

Life Members

Life Membership is an honorary title awarded by the Board in recognition and appreciation of outstanding support for Windana. Life Membership has been conferred on the following people who have made a substantial and special contribution over a period of years and whose efforts have significantly affected the work of Windana:

  • Peter Bucci
  • Murray Gerkens
  • Peter Hay
  • Jenny Johnston
  • Barry Main
  • Des O’Connell
  • Dr John O’Donohue
  • Anne Parsons
  • Jan Pontifex
  • Michael Pontifax
  • Diana Sher
  • Dr John Sherman
  • Rebecca Smith

Peter Bucci Award

The Peter Bucci Award was established by the Board of Windana in 2003 to honour the memory of Peter Bucci.

Peter founded Windana in 1984 and was the Chief Executive Officer through to his retirement in 2002. He had many wonderful qualities and never lost sight of the human element of his work.

Peter had a boundless capacity to listen, empathise and engage with all those around him. He had a fantastic ability for bringing out the best in people and was able to make people feel really good about themselves. He was a kind, compassionate and non-judgmental man who accepted everyone for who and what they were. His faith in people’s ability to change enabled him to inspire them and help them take charge of their lives. Peter was also a creative and innovative thinker and had a great sense of humour.

These things, along with his commitment to making a difference in the lives of those with whom he worked, are his legacy to Windana and the drug and alcohol field generally.

Peter died in 2003 after a battle with cancer.

The recipient of this Award should be a member of staff or a volunteer (excluding Board members) who possess similar qualities and values to Peter’s. The award is presented by the Chairperson each year.

  • 2021 - Simon Bailey
  • 2020 - Richard Price & Maree Cations
  • 2018 - Mary Ryan
  • 2017 - Cheryl Bea - Deceased
  • 2016 - Charlie Nash
  • 2015 - Mandy Sinclair
  • 2013 - Sally Chick
  • 2012 - Melinda Grant
  • 2011 - Jenni Horn
  • 2009 - June Bryant
  • 2008 - Keith Edwards
  • 2007 - Shirley Wilson
  • 2006 - Wendy Zani
  • 2005 - Antigone Quince
  • 2004 - June Bryant
  • 2003 - Antigone Quince