Art Therapy Community Studio is back!

Creative Healing Connections

Paint, draw, collage, use clay or other creative mediums to express, explore, discover, have fun, relax and connect with supportive peers. Creating art is therapeutic and empowering; it helps to express your thoughts, feelings and experiences when words are not enough. Continued healing, personal growth and improved self-care will be assisted by the safe space and guidance of the Art Therapist.


Cost – Free
Facilitator – Windana Art Therapist
Where – Windana, St Kilda. The group will be via Zoom sessions until we can meet together
When – Thursday 10.30am – 12.30pm
Begins – October 15, 2020 Until – June 2021 – with Exhibition
Who can attend – This group is open to adults (18+) who experience drug and alcohol issues regardless of where they are on their journey of helpful change.
Things to note

  • An introductory discussion with the group facilitator will be required before joining the group.
  • You do not need to be an artist or have art skills to attend this program.
  • This is an open style group program. You can choose to attend one or multiple sessions.
  • Art materials will be supplied.

Enquiries, referrals and expressions of interest

Contact Windana reception on 9522 7900