CEO Update December 2016

Dear Friends and Supporters of Windana,

Welcome to the Summer quarterly newsletter that we have created to connect and share stories of our people, our work, the impact of what we do and breaking news from the wider treatment sector. I am delighted to update you on major news for Windana including a VicHealth award for a brand new approach to repeat drug and alcohol offenders, new Better Care Victoria funding, developments at Windana’s Youth House, the release of our Annual Report 2016 and our presence at the Australasian Therapeutic Communities Association (ATCA) Conference.

At the ATCA Conference, Windana joined professional peers from a wide range of therapeutic communities, as well as researchers and clinicians in the Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) field for a two-day program. Members of the Windana team briefed delegates on rehabilitation services, in particular, the impact of our art therapy and naturopathy programs. As one of the host organisations for the ATCA conference, Windana welcomed a community delegation from Bhutan for their first visit to such a conference. We also arranged a tour of the Maryknoll Therapeutic Community (TC) for 50 ATCA Conference delegates from around the world including the Bhutanese delegation.

Over the course of the day, as we met, talked, ate and shared this special place, it was clear that we had welcomed some new members into the Windana Community. Being a part of this day was a poignant reminder of the extraordinary community that Windana has cultivated. This community includes clients, supporters, staff, government agencies, the wider recovery sector and the communities that live in the areas of wider Melbourne that Windana services. We can now add a Bhutanese community to the Windana family, as well as new connections in Victoria’s Otways region. (Read more about the exciting new Better Care Victoria Grant, which resulted from this partnership.) It is wonderful to be able to share news of new collaborations and connections to Windana’s diverse, holistic community that we work so hard to reconnect our clients to.

Rather than being banished from the community, we work with clients of Windana to maintain their connection with the community as they seek help from their addiction. This commitment to our clients in supporting them through recovery and helping them rebuild their connections with community is what drives our dedicated team of staff and volunteers. It is all about mutually valuing each other.

On behalf of all the (growing) Windana community, we wish you all a very safe and happy holiday and we hope you will continue to be a part of the Windana community in 2017.

Kind regards,

Anne-Maree Kaser