Statement – Windana supports the recent Bill decriminalising the use and possession of illicit drugs

Windana is proud to support the Bill recently tabled by Fiona Patten MP to decriminalise the use and possession of small quantities of illicit drugs in Victoria.

We all want a society where people can be free from the harmful effects of drug dependence. However, it’s clear the current approach is causing more harm to people who are already hurting. This Bill is an important first step in the long-needed shift to view drug use as a health issue.

As an organisation that supports thousands of people every year to reduce the harms and recover from drug problems through community support, withdrawal and rehabilitation, we see firsthand how the current approach to possession of small amounts of an illicit substance is failing our community.

People need care and support, not fines and jail time. And that’s what decriminalising the use and possession of illicit drugs will help deliver.

You can find out more about the bill here –