Windana’s new Strategic Plan

We’re excited to release Windana’s Strategic Plan for 2023-25 and share our vision for the future and commitment to our clients and residents.

Our plan acknowledges the importance of investing in our people, systems and infrastructure to ensure we can continue our life changing work. It also outlines our commitment to advocating for positive change in the places and sectors we work in and beyond. This plan enables us to respond to the challenges, opportunities and the shifts to come in the alcohol and drug sector, and drive change for improvements for our clients and residents.

Our strategic aspiration

By 2025, we create change in more lives of the people we serve. We support our people and the future of the AOD workforce.
Our impact will not just be seen within Windana. We, along with our collaborators and partners, play a role in shaping the broader system for a more positive future.

Our strategic pillars

  1. Client impact
  2. Workforce impact
  3. Sector impact
  4. Sustainability impact
  5. Growth for impact
  6. Innovation for impact