Helping people rebuild their lives

Who we are

Windana provides alcohol and other drug
treatment services to help those affected
rebuild their lives. Last year we assisted
over 2000 people

Who we help

We help people who have become
disconnected from their family, children,
and community because of harmful
alcohol and other drug use

What we believe

We believe that people can rebuild their lives

What we do

We build a trusting relationship with our
clients and offer a range of integrated
across our programs

Windana provides a variety of
programs, where client learn new
social and practical life skills to equip
them for a successful future in the

Over time, clients can achieve real
change and personal growth

Our Services

Windana Youth Community House(WYCH)

WYCH offers a safe, comfortable residential
withdrawal environment for young people aged
12-24. At WYCH we work in conjunction with
other services already involved in the case
management of individuals

Drug Withdrawal House(DWH)

DWH delivers a professional and effective
withdrawal program for adults in a supportive

Group therapy is designed to address issues
pertaining to relapse prevention, health and
nutrition, spirituality, self awareness and anger

Non Residential Withdrawal

The Non Residential Withdrawal Service is a
program offering home or clinic based support
for people wanting to safely undertake alcohol
or other drug withdrawal

Therapeutic Community(TC)

At the TC residents rehabilitate by exploring
their own life experiences and learning form
the experience and insights of others. In the
education, therapy and work groups which form
the basis of the daily routine everyone has an
opportunity to explore new ways of
experiencing life.
The TC is all about change and growth in a
supportive and non-judgemental environment.
Located on a 40 acre property, residents live in
self-contained houses in a campus style setting

Integration House

Following completion of the residential
rehabilitation(TC) program, the Integration
House offers continuation of support in
establishing sustainable, healthy routines

Care & Recovery Coordination

Assists each client with complex needs through their treatment journey by providing coordinated treatment planning, goal setting, supported referral and ongoing support


Counselling is an opportunity to meet with a professionally trained person who can listen to your concerns and assist you to identify solutions or better manage issues that are causing difficulties in your life

Peer Support

Peer Support is a group that aims to provide members with the chance to discuss the things that affect them as they recover from harmful alcohol or drug use

Family Program

A range of services are offered to Windana clients who are parents, their children and their children's carers. Families and carers are connected to a range of support within the

Windana AOD Community Support

In partnership with Sacred Heart Mission, this program provides information, support and access to alcohol and drug treatment services for people who have a history of homelessness

Windana Health & Healing

The Windana Health & Healing team offers naturopathy, acupuncture, reiki and remedial massage to Windana clients as well as the general public. Nutritional supplements, herbal remedies and natural hair & skin products are available from our dispensary shop in St Kilda

Helping people rebuild their lives