Program Overview

Windana’s Family Program provides support to Windana and community clients who identify as parents, carers or individuals who wish to strengthen family function. The program combines an understanding of alcohol and other drugs and commits to assisting parents, carers and families to build capacity to achieve their goals.

Program Aims

  • To provide Single Session Family consult with the aim to strengthen family function.
  • To assist with parenting strategies for parents and carers.
  • To assist families and children in key life areas including; stages of human development, health and connectedness.
  • To ensure families are connected to a range of informal and formal support within their community.
  • To work with the unique strengths of families to help meet the family’s needs and goals.
  • To assist in reducing the risks of alcohol and/or other drug related harm in the best interest of the children and/or individual.


Windana provides the following group support:

  • Tuning into Kids (TIK)
    • A six-week parents program focused on emotional intelligence building in children and how to strengthen parenting skills. The program is offered within the community and in AOD residential services.
  • Parenting Group
    • A group for clients of the Therapeutic Community to strengthen parenting skills.
  • Yarning Group
    • A group for clients of Winja Ulupna Women’s Recovery Centre to strengthen their parenting skills and family functioning.
  • Family Days
    • Activities for families connected to Windana Family Program are held throughout the year to provide an opportunity for parents and children to strengthen parent-child bond and make social connections.

Program Eligibility

To be eligible for this program a person must be any of the below:

  • a parent or carer who is caring for children
  • a parent who has regular access with their children or actively working towards reunification with their child or children
  • a current Windana client who is clearly engaged in addressing their alcohol or other drug issues and wants to include family in their recovery
  • a client of an external agency who is clearly engaged in addressing their alcohol or other drug issues and wants to include family in their recovery.


How to Apply

For enquiries please contact us on (03) 9529 7955 Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm.

More information

Click below to download a two-page leaflet about Windana’s Family Program. The leaflet includes the information on this page.

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