Family Program

Program Overview

Family Program provides parenting support to Windana and Community clients, their children and their children’s carers.

The program combines an understanding of alcohol and other drugs with a commitment to assisting clients to strengthen their parenting capacity and family functioning.

This outreach program is without regional or time limitations. Regional families will be linked in with local services.

Program Aims

  • To strengthen family functioning and provide parenting strategies
  • To assist children in key life areas such as education; emotional, physical
    and behavioral development; health; connectedness and changing risk
    taking behavior;
  • To ensure that families are connected to a range of supports within the
    community, both formal and informal
  • To assist in reducing problems with the use of drugs and/or alcohol
    within a harm minimisation framework
  • To strengthen the capacity of Windana programs to respond effectively to the
    needs of families


  • Tuning into Kids (TIK)
    A six week parents program based on
    emotional intelligence building in children
  • Parenting Group
    A group for clients of the Therapeutic
    Community to strengthen parenting skills
  • Yarning Group
    A group for clients of Winja Ulupna to
    strengthen their parenting skills
  • Family Days
    Activities for families connected to Windana
    Familty Program are held throughout the
    year to prvide an opportunity for parents
    and children to make social connections

Program Eligibility

  • Parents or carers who are caring for children
  • Parents who have regular access with their children or are actively working
    towards resuming access with their children
  • Parents who have recently been or are currently a participant in a Windana
    program including Windana Health & Healing
  • Parents who are clearly engaged in addressing substance use issues

How to Apply


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