Non Residential Withdrawal Service

Program Overview

The Non Residential Withdrawal Service is a
program offering home or clinic based support
for people wanting to safely undertake alcohol
or other drug withdrawal

The program includes:

  • Daily nursing and support services
  • Monitoring and management of
    withdrawal symptoms
  • Collaboration with persons General
  • Provision of motivational support and
    individual therapy to assist with the
    management of withdrawal
  • Referral to other relevant services
  • Development of post withdrawal plan
  • Family Support



Program Eligibility

  • Individuals 16 years of age or over
  • Low to moderate complexity of
    withdrawal predicted
  • No history of complicated withdrawal
  • Consideration will be given to withdrawal
    of more than one substance under
    certain circumstances
  • No significant medical and/or psychiatric
  • Assessment and support of a General
  • Appropriate and adequate support within
    the home environment
  • A substance free home environment
  • Capacity to 'pick up' daily medications

Assessment Process

Upon receipt of a referral the
information will be reviewed by the
Windana Admissions & Care
Coordination Team

  • The pre-admission appointment will
    occur at a local clinic or service that is
    convenient to the individual
  • The person will be assessed by the
    non-residential withdrawal nurse and
    treatment plan will be commenced
  • Negotiation with the individuals
    General Practitioner will continue with
    the prescribing of medication as

Access to non-residential
withdrawal for a 'medicated'
withdrawal can only occur with
the ongoing commitment from
a General Practitioner

Program & Referral information